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What is a Midwife?

Midwives are qualified registered professionals who offer a high quality of complete care during pregnancy. Their services include diagnostic tests, bloodwork, detecting complications, addressing concerns, helping mothers with preventive measures, natural birth, and delivery. They manage and promote the health of the mother and baby; provide emotional support, advocating for the parents, and personalizing the services to the mother.

The earlier the midwife is brought in to assist the mother is best. Midwives and parents plan and work together to develop a familiar and reliable relationship. During delivery, midwives are very helpful in making informed decisions that are aligned with the desires of the parents. They keep abreast of the current maternity care and techniques to best help the mothers by informing and educating them of the choices and options available to them.

Many parents choose to have a home delivery unless there are risk factors that require the delivery to be in the hospital. The care of the expected mother is managed by the midwife unless complications arise which may result in a consult/transfer to the obstetrician, pediatrician or physician. The midwife stays with the mother throughout the delivery, always providing care and support.


Women were less likely to have pain-relief medications administered and less likely to have a cesarean birth. 

Report by: Cochrane Review, Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth


Birth Doulas

What is the role of Birth Doulas?

A Birth Doula is a non-medical assistant who support women emotionally and physically during pregnancy and throughout delivery. They assist during delivery by encouraging, providing guidance in breathing, apply soothing massage, and help the mother to find the most comfortable positions. Using a doula helps to reduce delivery time and pain.

For centuries, women have helped women through childbirth and supported each other in raising families. While not medically trained, birth doulas are professionally trained and experienced in assisting and supporting expectant mothers through the labour experience. The assistance of a birth doula provides mothers with a fulfilling and memorable pregnancy experience.

Doulas empower expected mothers to have better control in the way they want to experience their pregnancy. Their knowledge of the labour and birthing process makes them a great companion during the pregnancy by being a fountain of information and knowledge, and supporting, advocating, addressing concerns and fears, educating, and creating a birth plan tailored to the parents.

The role of the doula is to support and enhance the experience for the mother, not choose for her. Studies show many of the complications and loneliness experienced by mothers can be vastly reduced by having a birth doula.

Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health

“… continuous support in labor from a trained doula, as doula care can decrease the likelihood of cesarean birth, epidural analgesia, and assisted vaginal birth. In addition, there is some emerging evidence suggesting that involving doulas in prenatal care can reduce rates of preterm birth.”

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