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Holding your baby for the first time is amazing, but there is no way to avoid the sleepless nights that can be part of having a baby. We can help by providing an extra pair of hands after your delivery.

The whole family is affected when a baby is born. We understand this and can help to make the transition for the whole family less eventful and reduce the stress this can produce. Every new mom deserves to be supported and helped through her pregnancy.

We customize our services to your specific needs. All of our service providers are thoroughly vetted and pre-qualified by our company security scanning process which may include police checks, vulnerability sector clearances, verification of certifications and licenses along with prior reference checks. All of our service providers are CPR trained.

Registered Baby Nurses

Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses are available to work with families bringing home a baby with medical challenges or conditions that could be life threatening.

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Midwives are available to families and offer highly specialized complete quality care during pregnancy along with assistance during delivery. 

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Birth Doulas

Birth Doulas support the family during delivery emotionally and physically. A birth doula provides mothers with a more fulfilling and memorable pregnant experience.

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Newborn Care Specialists

Newborn Care Specialists assist and educate parents with feeding, sleep training, and caring for the baby. Many work 24/7 allowing parents to rest peacefully.

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Breastfeeding Consultants

Breastfeeding consultants are Registered Nurses/Certifed Breastfeeding consultants who assist mothers having difficulty with breastfeeding.

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Postpartum Doulas

A postpartum doula is a “mother the mother” who cares, assists, supports and educates the mother in the early days of bringing your baby home.

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Sleep Consultants

Sleep disorder in children is rarely a medical condition; most sleep problems are behavioural conditions preventing the infant or child from sleeping properly.

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Grief & Bereavement Doulas

The loss of a baby is never easy regardless of the length of the pregnancy, stillborn, or age of the child. Your grief should never be ignored.

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Maternity Consultant

A maternity consultant is a professional who provides education, support, information and assistance to pregnant people and families navigating the healthcare system.

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Most insurance company policies now have some form of postpartum care coverage within their plans.

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Service Benefits

We offer a host of benefits that are not available through other companies in our industry. These benefits include:

White Glove Services

We offer concierge services for executives or professionals looking to create a specialized services package to meet your diverse needs.

Insurance Coverage

Qualified care providers trusted by insurance companies to care for your newborns. Feel safe to know that we have you covered.

Due Diligence

Our company provides the necessary security checks and validates the professional certifications for our Service Providers so you don’t have to.

Services While You Travel

We offer options for mom’s looking for a Service Provider who will travel or we can match you with a local Service Provider in the area you may be travelling on vacation.


Our company will ensure you have a proper match to a Service Provider that understands your needs.  Compatibility and satisfied clients is our goal.

Timely Support

We offer a wider pool of Service Providers and Resources in your area to serve you best.


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