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What You Need To Know About Jaundice

What is Jaundice? Newborn jaundice is a yellowing of a baby’s skin and eyes. Newborn jaundice is very common and can occur when babies have a high level of bilirubin, a yellow pigment produced during the normal breakdown of red blood cells. In older babies and adults, the liver processes bilirubin, which then passes it…
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Who is a Midwife?

Midwives are qualified registered professionals who offer a high quality of complete care during pregnancy and who is more like your OB or doctor. Their service includes diagnostic tests, bloodwork, detects complications, address concerns, help mothers with preventive measures, promotes natural birth, wellness and health of the mother and baby, emotional support, assist with delivery,…
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Is My Baby Cranky or Colicky?

As a new parent, you are already exhausted trying to figure out sleep and feeding schedules, but add to that a perpetually cranky baby? In the back of your mind, you may have the word “colic” floating around, but do you know what is actually happening or how to deal?   What Is Colic? Colic is…
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Doula vs. Midwife: Must You Choose?

Doulas and midwives are both professionals who assist with childbirth and women’s reproductive health.  A doula provides support to the mother before, during, and shortly after childbirth, but does not deliver the baby. A midwife may offer gynecological examinations, birth control counseling, prescriptions, and labour and delivery care. A doula focuses on an expectant mother’s own needs,…
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Common Car Seat Questions

As a new parent, one of the first hurdles you cross after giving birth is transporting your newborn home from the hospital. It is the law that all babies be in safety approved car seats whenever they are in a car. If you do not have a car, it is still recommended that you have…
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Bottle or Breast: Fed Is Best

For the last 30 or so years, we have all heard that breastfeeding is the best way to ensure your baby is getting all their nutrients and the most out of their feedings. However, what we do not hear in popular media is that there is a good chance that your milk may not be…
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From One New Mom to Another

The best advice I was given about preparing a birth plan was to throw the plan out the window once labour begins. You can’t predict what will happen and feeling stressed when things don’t go exactly how you’d expected is the last thing you need at that time. There are a few things worth contemplating…
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Support & Wisdom of Birth & Postpartum Doulas

The role of a Doula can be compared to a best friend (a knowledgeable one) attending all the phases of pregnancy and postpartum with you. The comfort of a Doula during pregnancy and after your child’s birth provides that experienced support and shared care families used to provide. Most new mothers are not prepared to…
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Relieving the Stress of Breastfeeding

You want to do the best for your newborn, and breastfeeding is clearly a strong choice for the health of both you and baby. Babies benefit in so many health aspects including brain function, improved immunities, less gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, and constipation, fewer allergies, and less risk of respiratory problems. For the mother breastfeeding aids…
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Are You Ready for Your Baby?

You have arrived home with your newborn, and your sources of information have suddenly collapsed. Your prenatal visits are over. The hospital and delivery doctor, or midwife, did their job. Hospital care was highly focused on making sure you and your baby were healthy, but you received maybe 24 hours of interaction and medical instructions.…
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The American College of Nurse Midwives, American College of OBGYNs, and the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine all endorse doulas as one of the most effective methods of improving perinatal outcomes. Doulas are an underutilized resource for improving perinatal outcomes without any risk of harm.

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