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What is a “baby nurse”?

A “baby nurse” “night nurse” and “newborn care specialist” are all the same. They are non-medical professionals that goes into the parent’s home mainly at night to help with the baby so that the parents can rest and recuperate. They are the extra pair of hands that a mother needs at home to help with the baby.

Can I meet with the care provider before finalizing my decision?

You can meet with the care provider before finalizing your decision; however, some of the care providers may charge a fee to meet with you. ZBCS will allow you to change the care provider if you are not satisfied with the first care provider that came to your home to help you.

How soon should I book the care provider?

As early as the first trimester. From the moment you recognize that you will need help or is considered having a care provider help through your pregnancy, you should contact us. The earlier you book, the more likely it is that you will have the care provider you want. Booking in advance protects you from struggling to find the right fit last minute and booking early secures the coverage you need. Depending on the length of the job, a last-minute request for service may result in several care providers coming into your home instead of just one or two.

How long should the postpartum care provider spend with me?

For as long as you want the service for. This may be from a few nights to several months or until you no longer need the service.

What if I do not know how long I need the NCS for?

Please contact us and we will discuss your situation and help you pinpoint a timeframe.

Can I extend the time booked for the care provider?

The time booked for the care provider can be extended depending on if the care provider availability. Should that care provider you chose not be available for the extended time; we can provide a replacement.

What preparation do I need to make for the care provider?

The need of the care provider will depend on which care provider you have booked. The biggest provision that may be needed is for postpartum care. A care provider that is staying overnight will need a bed for resting. This could be a guest room or a bed in the baby room.

Are the care providers willing to travel to my location or travel with us on our vacation?

Not all of the care providers are willing to travel, but most are. A local care provider in your vacation area may also be available to help you.

Who pays the NCS travelling expenses?

The care provider traveling expenses are paid by you the parent.

Can I pay for the service for someone else?

Yes, you can. You can purchase a gift certificate and give it to the parent or you can pay ZBCS directly for the days the care provider will work.

Why are the rates of each care provider different?

All the care providers are independent contractors who set their rates.

Do I need more than one care provider?

That depends on your needs. For example; your Midwife may not be available to for you to reach when you have a burning question or concern about your pregnancy; however, a Birth Doula would be much more available and so you may want to have both the Birth Doula and the Midwife care. You may also want the service of a Postpartum Doula and/or Newborn Care Specialist to care for the baby after coming home.

How many hours each day does the care providers works?

Some of the care providers offer packages that will include the hours of work. The Newborn Care Specialist usually works a minimum of 6 hours during the day and 10 hours at night. Each care provider will set there minimum hours of work.

Why would I pay for Midwifery services that is covered by OHIP (Canada)?

There are Midwifes that works additional hours to provide a more personal and customized service that is available to pregnant mothers should they desire more coverage.

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