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Ask any mother about the first month or two after birth and she would most likely say that it was a blur. Ask her if she enjoyed that time with either her baby or her family, and more often than not she will describe her experience as mixed - joyful yet tiring, exciting yet draining, happy yet exhausting. In some extreme instances she may express guilt about bouts of depression.

To have the support of our experienced newborn specialists in those early days, solely for baby and mom makes a great difference in the overall parenting experience. We ensure that mom enjoys those positive memorable occurrences.

Zealous newborn specialists not only care for your baby, we are non-judgmental while supporting mom as she adjusts to the newest addition to the family. Our newborn specialists listen to your concerns, educate and share in the experiences of your newborn.

Our newborn specialists specialize in the following.

  • breast feeding support;
  • bathing and bottle feeding;
  • bottle/pump preparation and cleaning;
  • soothing and helping to alleviate baby's discomfort;
  • post circumcision care;
  • monitoring baby's growth and development;
  • recognizing potential problem areas;
  • helping with the adjustment of a new baby into the family;
  • working with you to set a schedule for your baby to make the transition of parenting more smooth;
  • establishing proper sleeping and eating routines; usually an 8 to 12-hour sleep pattern at night by age 3 months
  • keeping a log of baby night-time activities
  • notifying when supplies need replenishing

Zealous newborn Specialists are sensitive to the needs and diversity of varied situations while continuously encouraging positive interactions and communication.

Fee Structure:

TimeframeAgency Compensation
(Based on Percent of Newborn Specialist Fee)
Newborn Specialist Hourly Rate
1 day to 3 months25%Single $18 - $28
Multiples $24 and up
More than 3 months20%

If the agreed upon timeframe is extended as per client request, the new fee will be calculated according to the additional set time.

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