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The most miraculous event in a woman's life is giving birth. Newborns are not only mesmerizing they are precious and fragile requiring attention and care. Holding your bundle of joy for the first time can be awesome and yet overwhelming. Play Video

Zealous Baby Care Services allow mom to concentrate on creating memorable bonding moments. Mom is better able to plan her daily activities, including spending time with her other children. For Dad, using our services goes a long way to supporting his spouse and putting his mind at ease when he is not able to be there. Our newborn specialists are just a phone call away! More...

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  • We make your baby our priority
  • We care for you and your baby
  • We are a strong support to depend on More...
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Parent's Corner


  • "Rose is absolutely fabulous. My son loves her and I have felt totally comfortable leaving him with her.

    Her professionalism and attitude are absolutely top-tier."

    Melinda, Toronto ON

  • "The first thing I did after finding out I was pregnant with my third child was to call Rose, after my husband."

    Abby, Toronto ON

  • "She was absolutely incredible. She was loving, caring, knowledgeable, and very dedicated."

    Suzanne, Toronto ON