Q. Why use a newborn specialist? A.Bringing home a newborn baby can be stressful even when you are overjoyed with your baby. Zealous Baby Care newborn specialist support breast feeding and is there to assist mom at night by bringing the baby to her, changing, burping and putting the baby back to sleep so that mom also gets her much needed sleep. If the baby is bottle fed, mom can sleep through the night while our newborn specialist takes charge of your baby. Having an experienced newborn specialist to focus solely on the baby and to help mom is a great relief resulting in a smooth transition for everyone at home.

Our services are also a comfort for fathers. Dad has the assurance of knowing his wife has reliable help, especially when he travels, and he also has the opportunity to get his much needed sleep.

Q. What are the typical hours of a newborn specialist? A. Our newborn specialist will work a minimum of 10 hours, night or day and 24/7 if requested. Depending on the needs of the family, a newborn specialist may work from one night to a year. Q.When should I start making arrangements for my newborn specialist? A. The earlier you book your newborn specialist the greater the likelihood that the time period you desire is available. We recommend that you make your booking shortly after your first trimester. Advance booking gives you the assurance and security of knowing that you have dependable and trustworthy help after your delivery. You will not be bumped by last minute requests. Short notice and emergency bookings are welcome. Q. Will the newborn specialist go on vacation with the family? A. Our newborn specialist's first priority is the newborn infant and mom's comfort. She is available to travel with the family as needed. Q. Where should the newborn specialist sleep? A. The newborn specialist sleeps in a spare bed in the baby's room or in a guest room.


The following terms are commonly used in the industry and are synonymous with Newborn Specialist:

  • Baby night nurse
  • Newborn baby nurse
  • Night nurse
  • Baby nurse

The term doulos is also used loosely and usually encompasses housekeeping and other varied duties.

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Parent's Corner


  • "Rose is absolutely fabulous. My son loves her and I have felt totally comfortable leaving him with her.

    Her professionalism and attitude are absolutely top-tier."

    Melinda, Toronto ON

  • "The first thing I did after finding out I was pregnant with my third child was to call Rose, after my husband.

    Abby, Toronto ON

  • "She was absolutely incredible. She was loving, caring, knowledgeable, and very dedicated."

    Suzanne, Toronto ON