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Newborn Specialist

Zealous Baby Care Services provide placement services matching experienced newborn specialists with expecting moms. Our newborn specialists come into your home within the first days of your baby's life to assist you with the day-to-day care of your new baby. We specialize in preemies, singles and multiples working with you in the growth and development of your baby, cultivating healthy sleeping and eating routines.

The newborn specialist's care includes:

  • breast feeding support;
  • bathing and bottle feeding;
  • bottle/pump preparation and cleaning;
  • soothing and helping to alleviate baby's discomfort;
  • post circumcision care;
  • monitoring baby's growth and development;
  • recognizing potential problem areas;
  • helping with the adjustment of a new baby into the family;
  • working with you to set a schedule for your baby to make the transition of parenting more smooth;
  • establishing proper sleeping and eating routines; usually an 8 to 12-hour sleep pattern at night by age 3 months;
  • keeping a log of baby night-time activities;
  • notifying when supplies need replenishing;

Although Zealous Baby Care newborn specialists are not registered nurses, we ensure that each caregiver holds fast our service standards and code of conduct. Our newborn specialists are experienced in the following and have completed a volunteer search form with the police:

  • Child Safety and Accident Prevention
  • Standard First Aid/CPR certification
  • Breast and Bottle Feeding

Many of our newborn specialists are parents and come with a wealth of wisdom gained while caring for their own and other’s children. Together ZBCS have over 80 years of combined experience in newborn baby care. Check out our "Parent's Corner".

Our newborn specialist comes into your home within the first days of your baby's life to assist you with the day-to-day care of your new baby. The newborn specialist typically works 10-12 hours nightly; however she is prepared and available for 24 hours service taking care of, educating and assisting in establishing routines for baby and mom.

Zealous Baby Care pays particular attention in selecting our newborn specialists understanding the delicate balance of working in our client's home and being respectful and accommodating of their desires. Our newborn specialists are flexible and dedicated

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